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Facial consultations, customized facials and special seasonal facial treatments!

Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent eyebrow pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to change the outline and shape, add thickness and color by depositing  pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis. This procedure requires training and artistic skill.

New Set $600
      Touchup $150 +
    Cover Up $750

Permanent eyeliner tattoos are fast becoming a high demand beauty treatment, saving thousands of women time and effort every day when they want to look their best. It helps visually enlarged the eyes, improve the shape and make the lash-line appear thicker.

      Lash Enhancement $500

Eliminate the need of spending money on decorative cosmetics and saves the time on daily makeup routine.Does not wash off with the water, does not change the shape and color in the sun and never smudges. Enhances overall natural beauty of the lips.

Soft Full Lip Color $600
Touchup $150
Coverup Of Old Lip Color $750
Dark Lips Color Neutralisation $750

Eyelash Extension Services

Multiple super fine extensions applied to 1 natural lash creating voluminous dark and fluffy look.

Extension Set  |  $300

Multiple super fine extensions applied to 1 natural lash creating light natural look.

Partial Extension Set  |  $180

Keep your lashes looking fresh!
Starts at 1 hour with about 25-35 extensions applied.

2 Week Touch up |  $70
3 Week Touch up |  $90

Customized Skincare Services

This is a great introduction to a facial for someone who is unfamiliar with facials or desires a shorter session.

Single session  |  $60

 Customized facial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation with a steam, massage and nourishing mask.

Single session  |  $100

This will offer men the ultimate treatment to rejuvenate their skin, leaving the face refreshed and vibrant for weeks.

Single session  |  $100