MHMB Gel Remover

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MHMB Gel Remover


MHMB Pink Gel Remover for eyelash extensions quickly dissolves adhesive in the safest and easiest way. With this gel remover it’s easy to remove eyelash extensions without causing damage to natural eyelashes.

  • Thick consistency
  • Dissolves bonds in seconds
  • Safe for natural lashes
  • Non-toxic

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How To Use

1. Place eye pads to secure lower lashes. Make sure that your client's eyes stay closed during the full removal treatment.
2. Apply Pink Gel Remover, using a micro-brush applicators directly onto lash extensions.
3. Leave the Remover on for 5 to 10 minutes allowing the gel to penetrate deeply into the adhesive. You will see the extensions starting to release and lift from the natural lash.
4. Gently remove lash extensions. If they don't come off, leave the product a bit longer. You can use tweezers to remove the extensions.
5. Once all extensions are off, remove all residue of Remover then remove the eye pad.
6. Clean the eyelid with Foam Cleanser and rinse with water.
7. Lashes are ready for a new application!


During this procedure, avoid contact with the skin and do not allow for eyelash glue remover to get into the client's eyes. Rinse immediately if Remover gets into the client’s eyes.


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